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Lamprologus multifasciatus

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Dedicated to my favorite cichlids

One of my favorite male  Lamprologus multifasciatus  he’s pretty awesome.  As you can see, he’s also pictured above.  Awesome coloring and perfect body shape.

I have a fascination with this little fish. I’ve kept many cichlids before but I keep coming back to a little fish with a big personality.

Lauren M. Manzano

Female Lamprologus multifasciatus  crusing about her territory


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Pacific Coast Cichlid Association

Great site to for trading post and this site does product reviews along with great information to share with you about the Cichlidae family.   I definitely recommend this site.

This is a great site if you love only shell dwelling “conchicoles” concha = shell: colo = in inhabit.   The nomenclature on some of genera names need to be updated, but over all, I recommend this site.  Great for sharing photos of your cichlids.

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